16 Mar

Person That Has Changed The Fate Of Agf Investment Management Company

Today whenever it is asked to a teenager that who is his or her idol then it generally seen that he or she speaks about some sportsman or film star. It is because they do not even come to know about those people who are doing great jobs in different fields which are making the lives of people safe and easy. if teenagers or people of other age groups come to know about them, then it is hundred percent sure that most of the idols will change and people will surely look beyond sportsmen and film stars. There are number of persons who have done great jobs in making the lives of people easy and safe. The works are done in science and technology field, whereas many people are doing their job quite silently in teaching field also. One of those people who are wonderfully making this world a wonderful place to live and recreate is Blake Goldring Toronto. He like this father have pursued the paths show by his family and have gone for the graduate degree from the university of Toronto and has provided his services in the same university by teaching students. Later he took steps in order to enhance his career and make other institutions better by using his best of the knowledge and experience.

Journey From President To Chairperson

Unlike the stories of other famous personalities, the story of Blake Goldring is not of so hard nature. In 1997, he was elected as the president of the AGF investment management company which was the first step he took in the investment business. In 2000, he was given the chair of the chief executive officer of the same company under whose reign the company has taken over most of the investment companies working at that time in the market. This person has helped the AGF Company to have the capability to manage somewhere around thirty billion Canadian dollars all over the world which is very huge when compared to other companies present in the market and are doing the same kind of business. This knows the knowledge this person acquires in the field of economy.