31 Jul


Apple and Samsung are dominating the smartphone market. They’re constantly releasing a mobile model to beat the competition and the cycle never ends. But, while these two titans go at it at each other, there are plenty of players developing devices that are more affordable.

Sure, the latest iPhone or Galaxy Edge are winning awards and breaking new records, but those things can cost the average man an arm and a leg! Not everyone can afford them. Surprisingly, the latest smartphones in India are both affordable and made with quality. Who says you have to sacrifice technology for the price?

Save it with Samsung

Unlike Apple, Samsung actually makes a conscious effort to provide smartphones across a wide spectrum of price points. They understand that there are some people who can spend more on these mobile devices and there are some that cannot. It’s a great brand to buy into because they’re one of the leading companies that pushes the envelope with what can be done technologically. So, whether you’re looking for a phone with all the latest bells and whistles like a fingerprint detector, powerful processors, or curved screens, then this is your best bet. Otherwise, if you’re not so much a phone geek and just want a good basic phone then they have several options to pick from

The New Kid on the Block

Xiaomi is a relatively new brand in the smartphone scene. It’s a Chinese brand hoping to reshape how people perceive budget mobile devices. You’re probably thinking a cheap phone made in China can’t be trusted. But, give this smartphone a spin and you’ll quickly have a change of heart. It has a surprisingly quick processing speed and takes great photos. The design is also topnotch and can look just as good as its pricier counterparts.

Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic

Arguably, you could say Apply produced the first smartphone with the launch of the iPhone. While Apple prices typically run along the higher end, it means you’re secure in knowing you’ll be getting a truly great phone. The company also offers phones of a smaller size. Recently, the trend has been to outsize the competition with screen breaking the 5-inch barrier. iPhones have followed suit but some of the latest smartphones in India by Apple come with smaller and easier to handle screen. It might be expensive, but you can’t go wrong with choosing Apple.