26 Sep

CCIE certification to become network expert

CCIE certification is the challenging and standard exam. It is conducted for the aspirants who are aiming to become expert in networking, configuring, implementing the network security and troubleshooting. This certification is worth taking as it is widely recognized as best in the networking industry and the one who has got this certification will be expert in networking and its components. CISCO is world famous for standard networking exam and CCIE is the major exam for internetwork security.  There are norms to become eligible for this exam and the fact is that this exam is really hard to crack. It requires severe hard work as the competition will be tougher than expected and the difficulty level is high.

Practical and theoretical

With this certification, the certified person could gain practical knowledge and ability in network security domain. One of the best advantages of taking this exam from CISCO is that since CISCO is world famous, it is possible to get hired anywhere in the world.  This exam is not only about the theoretical knowledge about network security but also gives practical experience on different aspects of network security.  This exam has both written and practical assessment. Aspirants have to take 2 hours of written exam but 8 hours of practical exam. This proves the importance of practical than the theory. The CCIE security lab exam is conducted in real experience to assess the skill level practically.


Regarding the eligibility for this exam, there are no special norms or criteria. Candidates need not possess special certification or professional training. In general the candidate has to take written exam and then lab exam. The lab exam can be taken only if the candidate gets passed in written exam. CCIE security exam certification will be provided only after the successful completion of theory and practical exams. Once the candidate clears both the exam the candidate will be provided with CCIE certificate in 4 weeks. Candidate that passed the written examination has to take the CCIE security lab exam within three years. Preparation with hard work is more important for passing both written and practical.