12 Dec

Beer Garden The Place To Go For your Next Event

The Beer Garden or Biergarten Washington DC thrives on mystery and secrecy. Located in the heart of Navy’s Yard in beautiful Washington DC, it’s one of the most popular places for beer lovers and laid-back individuals looking for a place to relax.

Despite it having the name of DC’s ‘secret’ beer garden, many individuals are aware of what the secret is and would often visit the place to be entertained. Whether you’re alone or you’re with your family and friends, this is the most suitable spot for you.

You don’t need to be German to fully enjoy the flavor of German beers.

They cater to events and functions. If you’re looking for the perfect venue to hold special occasions or events, this may be the spot for you. Not only do they offer the space, you can contact them to prepare the food and drinks for you. With their different connections, it’s also not difficult to let them guide you to choosing a band or another means of entertainment while the party’s going on.

24 Beers on Tap. The wide range of choices for beers allow you to experience numerous flavors you don’t easily purchase at your local convenience store. Not sure about which one to get? Why not try them all and then decide. You get to experience the full range of beer flavors, and more importantly, you’re having fun about it.

Tasty grub. A full course of high-quality dishes is also available. Many people usually come here to eat more than drink. Families feel at-home with the entire environment.

Kid-friendly environment. From the name to the concept, many might think that this is an adults-only place. But kids are also welcome here, provided that you keep a watchful eye on your own child. It’s quite unusual for a place to allow children. This is one feature that sets Biergarten from other entertainment establishments. Everyone in the family’s welcome to enjoy.

Going all out for fun is good. However, parents who decided to bring their kids are often reminded to be responsible for the welfare of their children while inside the premises. You don’t want them causing troubles to others and be in danger.

The statement: ‘Everyone in the family is welcome’ means that everyone is really allowed, even your pet. If you’re reluctant of leaving your dog behind, then bring him. There’s no need for you to be torn and depressed about this.