28 Jan
different teams selected for world cup

Know about the different teams selected for world cup

No matter which the sport you are fascinated with, but you have always been in eager of getting to know the updates with the latest happenings in that particular sport. Especially, if you are a fan of football game, then you won’t be lazy to know the schedules of the tournaments which will be going to be held. Presently, the announcement of the FIFA world cup 2018 is the hot topic among the football lovers. In fact, the qualification of the national teams for the world cup tournament is an interesting thing and therefore, most of the fans are keen about knowing kualifikasi piala dunia 2018. Obviously, the internet can provide you all those details as you like.

world cup tournament match

Countries that are selected for world cup 2018

Well, total of 13 countries have been selected for participating the world cup 2018 tournament in Russia. Initially, 10 countries are only chosen for the finals and now three more countries are added. In fact, this world cup tournament match is to be expected with a lot of interesting and amazing gameplay by the players. 13 countries are getting the tickets to participate in the World cup are selected from 5 continents that are mentioned below.

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • South America
  • Central and north America
  • Africa

From these continents, nearly 13 countries have been selected for the world cup match. Of course, there are so many online sites that are available today are extremely great to give you the details about the football world cup match. Therefore, you can simply get into there for attaining your details.

The blogs and the pages that are available online are extremely interesting for offering you the details about the kualifikasi piala dunia 2018. So, if you are in need of knowing all those things, then it is better to go online.

Apart from these world cup updates, the page is also providing all the details about the players in the various national teams and their amazing performance. Along with that, you can able to know all the happenings in FIFA instantly through these online pages.