14 Apr


Trauma informed treatment is a treatment model we believe in. We endeavor to understand the underlying causes of trauma experienced by the patient and how the environment and those around him have contributed to it. Sage Recovery Villa study each case individually and give the best treatment possible.

The person before the trauma

Trauma more often than not changes an individual. He changes his character, way of life, beliefs and attitude towards living. This change affects his relationships and the changes in relationships in turn affect him. It is a cycle that needs to be broken before relationships suffer irreparable damage. Understanding the changes in the patient helps in understanding the trauma and how to proceed with treatment.

Influence of environment on the trauma patient

Trauma patients live in a society and interact with people who may have a positive or negative impact on a victim of trauma. Family and friends may unknowingly be feeding on the trauma patient by their comments, way of living or attitude towards the patient. Some families may think they are protecting a patient but end up doing more harm than good. All these have an impact of the trauma patient. All this information is important in trauma treatment.

The physical and psychological effects of the trauma

Trauma patients face so many fears, some real, some false. Understanding these fears helps to figure out what treatment to use and how to help the patient lead a normal care free life. Fear filled trauma can be suffocating for patients and understanding the root cause of this fear helps to make an informed treatment model.

Cause of the trauma

Trauma has a reason behind it. Understanding where it all began will help to find the right treatment. It takes a lot to find when and why it all started. Finding out all the information on the trauma makes treatment easier and recovery faster.

Finding the right treatment is not always easy. However, at https://www.sagerecoveryaustin.com/villa/research-based-trauma-informed-treatment/, the staff is adequately informed on all aspects of the trauma, which makes it easier to provide the right treatment. Trauma informed treatment gives patients of trauma the best possible chance of a normal life.