30 Apr

Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Housekeeping Service –

There are always a few things you should examine before you can purchase a house cleaning service.  When you are hiring a housekeeper, you are going to let a person enter your home and it can compromise the security of your room. You should also consider the fact that you are paying extra money for cleaning your home as you could have done it yourself for free if you had time and energy. Therefore, you should always check the rates and spend as minimum as you keep for a quality service. The followings are a few questions you need to ask a housekeeping service provider before purchasing a service.

Rate Policy – You should ask about the rate policy. There are some who work on hourly basis, while others opt for flat fee structure. There are many others who have per employee rate that is they send multiple professional housekeepers to get the job done quickly as per your requirement. Whichever is beneficial for you as per your work, you should go accordingly.

Background Check – You need to know how the background checking of the housekeepers is done. You should also know the person who is allocated and you should interview the person on phone before letting him come to your home.

Compensation – Accidental can happen any time even when you are extremely careful. In a house cleaning service, the housekeeper may break valuable items by mistake. In such a scenario, you should ask the service company whether they will provide the compensation or not. If you cannot be physically present in the house while cleaning the room, you should ask what happens when an item gets missing from your home. Not only that, the housekeeper can also get injured and in such a scenario, the company should be liable to provide all the compensation to the housekeeper and not you.

Equipment and Cleaning Supplies – You should check the equipment the housekeeper will bring and you will get an idea whether the housekeeping  will be worth your money or not. Similarly, he or she must also bring the supplies so that you do not have to pay anything more and take the headache of buying different requirements.

Furthermore, you should know what the service exactly includes and if you are going to hire them regularly, you should get everything in written so that you can protest when something goes out of the agreed terms.