13 May

Information about sunglass lenses

Costa Del Mar is one in every of the foremost well-known eyewear brands within the us. Costa was born on the hot-water heater in 1983, in town, Florida to a person World Health Organization was keen about providing the foremost protecting and superior prescription sunglass lenses attainable to on-water professionals.

Over thirty years later, Costa continues to measure on the water, providing a range of the best quality prescription lenses on the market, accessible in an exceedingly range of proprietary lens materials and tints. Costa’s Prescription sunglass lenses square measure housed within the brand’s signature frames, additionally made of the best materials.

Aside from the unimaginable product that Costa delivers, this complete is devoted to giving back to the surroundings. Costa has enforced many measures within the production of their glasses to cut back their carbon footprint by kicking plastic to save lots of our planet’s waters. Costa has conjointly partnered with Ocearch, Associate in Nursing at-sea research laboratory that studies the oceans, ecosystems to shield and preserve them

Lens materials

Costa is one in all few brands to supply a spread of lens materials, permitting you to pick the administrator lens for your atmosphere and life vogue. Costa offers trendy shatter-resistant lenses like Trivex and Polycarbonate, still as historically scratch proof glass lenses, all fine-for heightened performance.

Costa 400p: The 400-series lens is one Costa’s original offerings and have become wildly standard as a result of its performance, protection and value potency. The 400p lens could be a light-weight splinterproof polycarbonate lens, on the market all told Costa’ known polarized lens tints.

Costa 580p: The Costa series lenses were designed by in- house actinic ray spectrum consultants to create colors and distinction pop to make a clearer, cheat polarized lens. The 580p lenses square measure arguably a number of the clearest lenses on the market because of their ability to dam stoplight at 580 nm, that boosts reds, greens, and blues.

Eliminating the cruel traffic signal permits the 580 series lenses to reinforce colours and sharpen distinction making the next performance lens that enables you to primarily in HD.

Costa’s 580 series lenses also are wonderful for your eyes’ health. All of Costa’s lenses ar 100% UVA/UVB obstruction, and polarized to repel harmful glare.