13 Aug
bully scholarship edition for android

Things you can try while playing Bully Anniversary Edition

Bully is one of the most popular and hyped games of social elitism as well as teen media. The game is now launched on both Google Play and Apple store. If you have already played it, then you might find the game to be the Bully Scholarship Edition for Android and other mobile platforms.

Bully: Anniversary Edition features the same disciplinary monitors, classes and has an effective narrative storyline. But, what you won’t remember is that the game before release somehow represented the supreme end of the society for terrified parents and related-community.

Understanding the Game

There are a few games that are known to leave a strong impact on the users and can bring back some really valuable memories from years ago. The game from the developing house of Rockstar Games offered the world with action and adventure by launching Bully in the year of 2006. It was originally launched on PlayStation 2 and later on PCs, Xbox and more. Rockstar has now bought the mobile version of the game. Yes, you can say easily say that the game can also be named as bully scholarship edition for android and iOS.

bully scholarship edition for android

The story of the game is about a 15-year-old Jimmy, who will navigate around the school premises completing the tasks against the corrupt and bully management of Bullworth Academy. You will find him standing against the bullies, playing pranks by beating the jocks around, kissing boys and girls of the same age.

The mobile version of the games also offers you with a multiplayer “Friend Challenges” and smooth contextual buttons for an enhanced experience. You will also be able to save the game progress on the cloud as well by using the Rockstar Games Social Club. This will also help you to continue playing different devices too. If you using an iPhone 6S or even the latest models then you will be able to capture the amazing gaming features as it also provides you with support for Replay Kit.

Bully Anniversary Edition also comes with enhanced support physical controls designed by War Drum Studios.

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