04 Sep
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Importance of Cyber Security and Why You Should Never Take it for Granted

In these days of growing usage of online websites and online advertising, we all are prone to get into trouble if we do not follow the online security advisories because the rate of cybercrime is increasing each day and that too at a highly exponential rate.

We all download lots of new applications, software, songs, etc. which sometimes directs us to unsecure web pages which do not follow the code of conduct and ethics so that the private details of the user can be kept confidential. These websites can be easily checked out for by just looking at a simple symbol.

All the websites which are safe and secure to surf and for doing all the things have a padlock symbol against the (URL) of the website, and all the webpages which are not safe to use do not have a padlock symbol.

Basic cyber-attack terminologies which everyone needs to know about


  1. Phishing: the most common kind of cyber-attack, phishing is when you receive an unauthorized, fraud, email which mostly tells you that you have won a bumper prize in a lucky draw or lots of money and that too in a draw in which you have never participated. Once the user falls for such emails, he or she proceeds to fill all the personal and bank details which help the cyber criminals in stealing the money from the back account. It is important for everyone to not to open such email and flag them as spam.antivirus protection


  1. Vishing: this is the voice phishing. The most common forms of vishing are when someone calls you, and generally pretending to be from a bank, asks about all your bank as well as card details. Everyone should know that banks never call their customers to know their card details; hence one should be aware all the time.


  1. Smishing: this is SMS phishing. You get a message which exactly looks like a genuine one and mostly says that it is from your bank, which asks you to verify all your information.

It is important for you to get an antivirus protection for our laptops, PC, mobiles so that you can be protected all the time and all your data can remain safe. Online security is crucial for every user because we often keep a lot of confidence as well as official data on our computers and it shouldn’t get into the wrong hands.