13 Sep
home nursing singapore

Which are the types of home care available?

Home care services Singapore is becoming essential for many people to live safely and perform daily tasks in their home. It is ideal for aging people and those that are having any medical conditions which impair their daily lives. Home care service Singapore provides assistance to people to live independently and manage their chronic health issues as well as recover from any sort of medical setback or disability. Home care professionals include aides, nurses, as well as therapists that can provide long or short term care in the patient’s home depending on the person’s needs.

Home care includes:

  • Rehabilitation and therapy services.
  • Assistance in managing basic tasks around the house.
  • Help in performing daily activities.
  • Nursing care for long or short term.

Types of home care:

home nursing singapore

There are different types of home care services that you can choose from. But all of them work towards providing happiness and independent living to the people that receive care.

Personal care and companionship: This type of home care helps with everyday activities such as dressing, bathing, household tasks and meal preparation for people that cannot perform these tasks on their own. It is a non medicated home care.

Private duty nursing care: This can be a long-term or hour nursing care for adults that have chronic illness, disability or injury. It is also known as catastrophic care, shift nursing, adult nursing or hourly nursing.

Home health care: this is a short term care which is directed by a physician in order to help a patient recover from or prevent an injury, illness or hospital stay.