24 Oct
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Teeth health: how to have white and healthy teeth?

Your teeth are lacking in radiance and you would like to restore their whiteness? We are not all equal in terms of the color of the email of our teeth, but how to erase these few unsightly spots and show a smile (almost) Hollywood? All dentists will tell you, for a healthy mouth and a bright smile there is only one secret: effective brushing after each meal! So how to have healthy and white teeth? Discover the solutions proposed in pharmacy! If you are thinking about oral surgery Riverside CA, then visit this link.

Tips for having whiter teeth

Baking soda is amazing

 It is one of the most effective natural solutions for whitening teeth and toothpaste trade contain very often. Thanks to its fine particles, baking soda helps a very precise brushing in the manner of a scrub that would rid the teeth of the spots that tarnish them. The bicarbonate can be used every day at the time of brushing by depositing a little of this powder on the toothbrush but without toothpaste not to cause a too abrasive action on the teeth and the rinsing of the teeth is done as usual.

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Use the secret of Lemon

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It is ideal to restore whiteness to yellowed and/or stained teeth and thanks to its acidity, it is also perfect to reduce tartar and keep breath fresh. Its high vitamin C content also helps strengthen and cleanse the gums. Just wash your teeth with a little freshly squeezed lemon, brush it gently on the teeth before rinsing with clear water BUT be careful, do it only twice a week because the lemon is very acidic it could attack the teeth email if it is used more often.

Do not forget to use the charcoal

 It is surprising but yes, the charcoal is used to whiten the teeth in a completely natural way. Just use it in powder (in pharmacy) alone, without toothpaste and brush your teeth and then rinse with clear water. This operation can be done twice a week to avoid damaging the teeth and it is a real plus for teeth whitening!

Essential oil of Tea-tree

it is also called Melaleuca oil and it cleans the mouth, teeth and contains bleaching actives. Indeed, its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties make this essential oil an excellent oral antiseptic and by reducing plaque, it would contribute to whiter teeth. CAUTION: Like all essential oils, irritation or intolerance may occur (do a preliminary test on the skin and seek advice from your pharmacist) and CAUTION essential oils are not suitable for pregnant women or children.