03 Nov
youtube videos

What YouTube is, how it works and what it can bring you

If I were to ask you what the most important Internet phenomenon of recent times has been for you, surely you cite the viral phenomenon of Gangnam Style, the YouTube video of the “Horse Dance” created by Park Jae-sang (PSY), a South Korean artist known for his video clips and humorous performances. Visit this link for convertpanda.com – download from youtube.

Reaching audience through YouTube

At the time of writing this post, counting only the reproductions of the official YouTube channel of PSY, this video has been seen a whopping 1,530,579,829 times, also breaking all social records with 7,400,431 “like” votes and 5,784,035 comments. On the economic level, this video, only in direct YouTube advertising, in January of this year had already generated an income of 4 million dollars to PSY.

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youtube videos

What happened with this video is not a punctual phenomenon, it is simply a very clear sample of what YouTube is today and one more clue to the tremendous potential that the audiovisual channel has for almost any activity (or just to have fun) since it is a very attractive channel and easy to consume, in fact, for the vast majority of the public easier than text-based channels such as blogs.

Get in touch with 2.0

If you are interested in the 2.0 world and especially, if you are interested in the professional possibilities of the 2.0 world, you should spend some time to know a little more depth what exactly this medium is and how it works from the perspective of a content author and as a simple consumer. If you have not done it yet, I assure you that you cannot imagine the possibilities and opportunities that it hides.

What exactly is YouTube

As a very quick definition, one could say that YouTube is a kind of on-demand Internet television, although it includes live broadcasts and the possibility of performing Google+ Hangouts live.

In fact, the term “television”, although it is not usually used in relation to YouTube, comes to mind because of its stronger integration with “traditional” television through Smart TV and external devices with Internet access that, connected to a traditional TV they allow you to enjoy YouTube as if it were a TV channel more.